Chapter 18: Charity fundraising. How charity:water uses social media and powerful storytelling to raise funds for its cause

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1 Charity:water’s target audience, as reported by SocialBrite

2 Scott Harrison, interviewed on Venture Beat

3 Paull Young, quoted in ResponsSys

4 Vimeo video on the charity’s strategy

5 Social Edge on how the charity covers its administration costs. UPDATE: This link is now dead and no alternative is available

6 Paull Young, in a YouTube video

7 Paull Young, on his own website

8 Charity:water website

9 David Connell on the charity’s business strategy

10 YouTube video on charity:water’s strategies

11 Charity:water’s distinct strategies on its two branded websites

12 Videos from the Field and Stories from the Field

13 Rachel’s Gift, One Year Late

14 Campaigns to Watch

15 Paull Young quoted on ResponsSys

16 Paull Young, in a Vimeo video

17 Scott Harrison on the charity’s website

18 Charity:water annual report