Section 3: Brand journalism storytelling paths

Introduction to Section 3

In Section 1 we looked at how to develop a brand journalism strategy

In Section 2 we surveyed the media and platforms on which we can create brand journalism.

In Section 3 we will look at what I’m calling Brand Journalism storytelling paths.

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By storytelling paths I mean the methods by which a business goal can be supported with a particular a brand journalism strategy, using a range of media and journalistic techniques.

Through a series of case studies, taking archetypical story types, we show how the brand journalism created has been designed to deliver a particular goal for a brand. So we examine, in each case, how the brand did these things:

  • Establish the audience to be targeted
  • Identify the business goals
  • Create the brand journalism strategy
  • Use a range of publishing platforms
  • Measure the outcomes of the strategy

In the chapters within this section we will examine these storypaths:

  • Launching a product
  • Promoting and covering an event
  • Publicising a travel destination
  • Building an information resource
  • Fundraising
  • Building a geo-located information and entertainment resource
  • Launching a customer magazine
  • Creating a media toolkit
  • Developing a company news resource
  • Managing a crisis
  • Establishing a personal brand
  • Using live and crowdsourced content around an event