Chapter 7: How brand journalism gives Red Bull wings

Additional resources

These links take you to further insights into how Red Bull functions as a media company

Red Bull Media House: showing what it really means to transform yourself into a media brand

Red Bull’s Felix Baumgartner stunt was a masterclass in brand building:

What’s next for Red Bull Media House


These links take you to the source material for this chapter in the book version of Brand Journalism. They are here to make it as easy as possible for readers of the print edition to refer to sources and further reading and research material. All links were active when the book was researched and published. If you find a boken link, please let me know at

1 Red Bull Media House

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4 Karlene Lukovitz writing on Mediapost

5 Lisa Kimmel, writing on Edelman

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8 The Art of Flight video or on the Brand journalism website url needed)

9 Red Bull Signature Series

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25 Red Bull Music Academy Radio

26 Red Bull Records

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