Chapter 13: How traditional media, including customer magazines, fit into a brand journalism strategy

These links take you to the source material for this chapter in the book version of Brand Journalism. They are here to make it as easy as possible for readers of the print edition to refer to sources and further reading and research material. All links were active when the book was researched and published. If you find a boken link, please let me know at

1 Marketing Week on brand magazines challenging consumer magazines.

2 The FT on Sun/Tesco magazine readership. UPDATE: The following link is now dead and no alternative is available

3 PaidContent on Tesco magazine and Sun readership Marketing Week

4 The Content Marketers’ Association on reasons for having a customer magazine

seven reasons they work.

5 The Association of Publishing Agencies’ (APA) Advantage study

6 New York Times article on the growth in customer publishing from fashion brands

7 Benetton’s advertising director, Paolo Landi, quoted in The Guardian

8 Marketing magazine on Colors

9 Oxfam/Guardian interactive online documentary

10 Barbara Stocking, president of Oxfam, writing in the Guardian

11 Oxfam/Q partnership: OxJam