Chapter 10: Brand Journalism content creation and curation

Primers on various aspects of content creation

In Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide, which offers a comprehensive training programme for journalism students, you will find a good deal of information on blogging, live blogging, curation, data journalism, RSS  and other aspects of content creation.

That includes primers on:

There is guidance on using email bulletins in Chapter 8 of Multimedia journalism, with links to references contained in that chapter listed here:

You’ll find all those primers in the Masterclasses section of Multimedia Journalism:

While all are open to registered users – find out how to become a registered user here – this primer on usingRSS is free: Please note that some modules refer to Google Reader, which is being retired. You can find alternatives to Google Reader here:

The material on blogging is also free here:, as is this blog post about creating your own QR codes:


These links take you to the source material for this chapter in the book version of Brand Journalism. They are here to make it as easy as possible for readers of the print edition to refer to sources and further reading and research material. All links were active when the book was researched and published. If you find a boken link, please let me know at

1 David Meerman Scott, writing about Eloqua

2 IBM on their blogging strategy

3 Mashable on IBM’s blogging strategy

4 As Social Media Examiner on guest blogging as a strategy

5 Josh Sternberg, writing at Digiday

6 Stephanie Schwab writing on Social Media Explorer

7 Stephanie Schwab,How to Curate Content for your Brand

8 Josh Sternberg, writing at Digiday

9 Bradley Silver, writing at Atomic Reach

10 Brian Reid, writing on the WCG World blog

11 Fiona Cullinan on her data use

12 Fiona Cullinan with an example of a data set

13 Hubspot: How to Write a White Paper that will Capture Leads

14 Hubspot, creates many white papers for internet marketers

15 White paper from removals company Bournes

16 White paper from a sign manufacturer

17 IBM ebooks

18 Human rights watch ebook on Cruelty and Neglect in Russian Orphanages

19 Human rights watch ebook on Academic Freedom in Indonesia

20 Whole Foods Market cookery ebook

21 Amnesty International ebook on the state of world human rights

22 Wikipedia definition of RSS