Chapter 6: The ethics of brand journalism

These links take you to the source material for this chapter in the book version of Brand Journalism. They are here to make it as easy as possible for readers of the print edition to refer to sources and further reading and research material. All links were active when the book was researched and published. If you find a boken link, please let me know at

1 Bob Garfield, writing on AdAge

2  Society of Professional Journalists

3 American Society of News Editors

4 The New York Times Ethical Journalism Handbook

5 Poynter Institute’s seven core values

6 Ofcom

7 Ofcom broadcasting code

8 Shane Snow, writing on

9 Shane Snow, writing on

10 Contently’s code of ethics

11 Caitlyn Coverly, Ryerson Review of Journalism

12 Shane Snow, writing on

13 Astroturfing, as defined by Wikipedia

14 Sockpuppetry, as defined by Wikipedia

15 Brian Solis on sponsored conversations

16  Centre Networks blog on the ethics of Ford’s Fiesta Movement campaign

17 PaidContent on Wayne Rooney’s sponsored tweets on behalf of Nike

18 Brian Solis on sponsored conversations

19 Tony Burman, ex-editor-in-chief of CBC News, The Globe and Mail, on ethics

20 SXSW panel debate on ethics in brand journalism

21 Adam Schweigert

22 Derek DeVries



Brian Clark of GMD Studios, speaking at a SXSW discussion on brand journalism