Chapter 5: Your brand is your beat. How to find stories within an organisation – and how to tell them compellingly

Primers on covering a journalism beat

In Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide, which offers a comprehensive training programme for journalism students, you will find a good deal of information on covering a journalism beat, plus guides to a dozen important beats, from Sport and Travel to Business, Politics and International Journalism.

You’ll find those primers in the Masterclasses section of Multimedia journalism:

While the individual beat topics are open to registered users – find out how to become a registered user here – this over view of choosing and covering a beat/specialism is free:

Links to sources quoted in the book version of Brand Journalism

These links take you to the source material for this chapter in the book version of Brand Journalism. They are here to make it as easy as possible for readers of the print edition to refer to sources and further reading and research material. All links were active when the book was researched and published. If you find a boken link, please let me know at

1 Six Rules for Brand Revitalisation, by Larry Light and Joan Kiddon (Prentice Hall, 2009)

2 Chris Sietsema on the Convince and Convert blog

3 Rachel Childers, in a post at Platform magazine

4 Joe Pulizzi on how to get material from senior executives: Content Marketing Institute

5 Jeffrey L. Cohen on Social Media B2B:  4 Ways to Use Storytelling for B2B Social Media

6 Jennie Jacobs at Web Marketing Therapy

7 Rachel Childers, in a post at Platform magazine

8 Honda’s documentaries hub


9 Honda’s documentary storytelling strategy, from the PSFK blog:

10 Honda’s alpaca farming mini-documentary

11 Honda’s night fishing mini-documentary

12 People’s Republic of South Devon blog on Honda documentaries

13 Shel Holtz on targeted, results-focused uses of curation, at the Holtz Communication and Technology site

14 Andrew Van Dam, writing on Covering Health