Section 1: How to develop a brand journalism strategy

This web area complements Section 1 in the print and ebook versions of the Brand Journalism textbook.

It contains all the links, videos and other resources referenced in the textbook, and is designed to help readers of the textbook easily refer to those links and other resources.

Here’s a summary of what we cover in this section of the textbook…

In this section we begin by demonstrating the development of brand journalism as a discipline, before covering the key stages in the development and implementation of a brand journalism strategy.

We don’t look in any detail at content creation in this section – that comes later. First we need to analyse the elements that make up a strategy. In sections two and three we will look at many examples of the kind of brand journalism that is created in support of that strategy.

Chapters in this section will cover:

  • How brand journalism was invented and has developed
  • Researching audiences – deciding who you want to talk to and how to reach them
  • Assessing your business and marketing goals
  • Developing a brand journalism strategy to support those business goals
  • Creating the infrastructure and skillset you need to achieve your brand journalism strategy
  • Learning the storytelling skills that will enable you or your brand journalism team to implement the strategy, and
  • The ethics of Brand Journalism.