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“As consumers are spending increasing amounts of time online, and increasingly interacting with brands through social media, it’s become critical to deliver brand messaging through informative or entertaining content. For many brands, publishers, and agencies, one of the top tools for doing so is cloud-based content marketing platform PublishThis, which recently rolled out an updated third version of its product.


PublishThis utilizes semantic search technology to discover relevant and trending content within over 250,000 topics.

PublishThis currently has hundreds of clients, including such high profile names as Viacom, MTV, Cox, Ziff Davis, PaidContent.


PublishThis’ newest product update adds a social monitoring algorithm which monitors what’s being shared in real-time across the major social networks in the topics most relevant to each client. The platform’s updated analytics tools measure conversion of original and third-party curated  content.


The company offers curation tools which allow companies to customize this curated content, through adding annotations, highlights, comments, and meta tage, before republishing it on a company website, in email newsletter, or through social media feeds. Another new feature is PublishThis’ wordpress plugin which acts as a white-labeled hosting widget allowing companies to feature real-time curated content on their Web pages. This may take the form of a “related content,” “trending,” or “elsewhere on the Web” section alongside original content created by the brand.


Brands pay an annual license to access the PublishThis software. Three tiers of pricing range from the “tens of thousands of dollars” to “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” depending on the number of topics and sites a company is managing, the frequency with which they publish curated content, and other volume measures…”


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