Snapchat Essentials for Curious Newbies

Snapchat is arguably the most popular social media app around. But if you’re one of those folks who’s downloaded it to your smartphone and you're still not quite sure what to do (and you don’t want to ask one of the teenagers you know), here’s a quick getting-started guide to show you the basics.

What is Snapchat?

One of the things that Snapchat is best known for is the ephemeral nature of the content - you take a photo or video and send it to a friend and they have a limited number of seconds (up to 10 seconds maximum) to view the content before it disappears.

Before you send your snap, you can mark it up with text, stickers, or special lenses that give your selfie a silly look (big cartoon eyes, puking rainbows… it sounds odd but quickly becomes strangely charming)....